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As continuous investment in our client’s needs, LNA is continuing to expand to other industrial sectors that require extreme reliability at every phase of the project lifecycle. Our key to accomplish the new challenges is our individualized approach to project management and construction management. We take time to understand the unique needs of each project, and use our wide-ranging experiences within other industries to develop a tailored construction management plan.

Besides our key markets, LNA has provided services in other industries such as environmental, textile, waste water treatment, maintenance facilities, etc. and we continue to actively seek and serve new sectors.

LNA provides assistance in construction claims and counter-claims analysis, management, dispute resolution and litigation support services to clients, legal firms, contractors and engineering firms.

LNA also provides expert services through forensic analysis to support, and assist the client through the resolution process (i.e. negotiations, litigation, mediation and arbitration).


  • Tafisa Canada & Co. LtdLine #2 facility rebuild

    Tafisa Canada & Co. Ltd – Line #2 facility rebuild




    Lac-Mégantic, Québec


    On April 17, 2006, a spark in a system serving Line #2 of Tafisa Canada’s particleboard plant in Lac-Mégantic, triggered an explosion that rapidly turned into spreading fire. In the end, Line 2, being the newest line responsible for 65% of the plant’s output, was heavily damaged.

    LNA was responsible for the construction and revamp management activities for rebuilding the industrial complex from the ground up, an 18-month project requiring over 435,000 man hours and a peak construction crew of over 400 workers. The new plant would be the North America’s largest particleboard complex after a devastating fire.

    Responsible for the constructability reviews, construction planning, contract optimization, cost control and trending, field organization, safety implementation, and engineering coordination overview.

  • BowaterGold River decommissioning

    Bowater – Gold River decommissioning




    Gold River, British Columbia


    In 1999, LNA was mandated to permanently close the Bowater Gold River Pulp & Paper Mill located in Gold River B.C. (Vancouver Island).

    LNA was also responsible for the facilities management of all the Bowater Gold River production plant, Hart Lake Landfill site, and all other Bowater real estate holdings (residential properties, marina & port facilities, fish hatchery, etc.) during the four year mandate.

    The mandate (1999-2003) included the following:

    • Site & facilities management
    • Decommissioning of all process and production lines.
    • Environmental remediation of site (production areas, chemical & storage areas, port/dock facilities, marina, landfills, water treatment facilities)

    Assets recovery: sale of all moveable and immovable assets (process, production equipment, buildings, land, etc.)

  • Bowater (Avenor Maritimes)Dalhousie

    Bowater (Avenor Maritimes) – Dalhousie




    Dalhousie, New Brunswick


    In 1995, Avenor Maritimes embarked on an ambitious $200 million modernization program, which was essentially to demolish and rebuild almost the entire mill by converting it to a system based on wood chips instead of logs. Pollution control was also completely updated and revamped, and the Charlo water dam was modernized.

    LNA was involved in the project managing all the construction activities for the installation of a new effluent treatment facility for primary and secondary treatment and, the installation of new sludge handling and dewatering facility.

    LNA used innovative management techniques to meet project fast-track (accelerated mode) schedule.