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Fortress Specialty Cellulose inc.

Thurso Mill project

Thurso, Québec


Project description

Fortress Paper Ltd., a producer of security and specialty papers, after their acquisition of a northern bleached hardwood kraft (NBHK) mill in Thurso, Quebec, intends to “convert the mill into a high quality specialty cellulose (dissolving pulp) operation and to construct a new cogeneration facility” which will produce green electricity.

The specialty cellulose mill was planned to have an annual production capacity of more than 200,000 metric tonnes and the project had a capital investment of approximately $153 million.

The 15-month conversion project, was troubled by the usual construction issues and some unique hurdles. Then, an experienced and skilled LNA management team was introduced to reorganize and implement a new base plan using our project recovery process (QPRTF) and manage all the construction activities to successfully complete the conversion of the existing production of kraft paper to dissolving pulp.