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Construction audits

LNA’s comprehensive construction oversight services combines our forensic capabilities with project management professionals.

We provide external review and audit resources to identify factors that could threaten the progress and completion of the project while identifying and providing resolution of potential problems that could cause delays and cost overruns.


We also provide customized recovery plans for projects that have deviated from their original planned objectives and targets.

Based on our positive feedback and results from our client’s experience with our project recovery management, we have commercialized the Quick Project Recovery Task Force, QPRTF ™ approach, LNA’s unique service that offers a proven set of management processes, controls and deliverables to get projects back on track which results in meeting the client’s objectives.

Expert witness

We provide expert services through forensic analysis to support, and assist the client through the resolution process (i.e. negotiations, litigation, mediation and arbitration).

Construction claims

LNA also provides assistance in construction claims and counter-claims analysis, management, dispute resolution and litigation support services to clients, legal firms, contractors and engineering firms.