Customized Management Solutions


LNA Group's winning recipe to guarantee the success of your project

We have assisted our clients through different scenarios and at many levels regarding projects gone awry. Our vast experience in project recovery management, we have conceived the Quick Project Recovery Task Force, QPRTF ™ approach, which consist of LNA’s unique service that offers a proven set of management processes and deliverables to get projects back on track.

QPRTF ™ is personalized in each case to meet the needs of each project and personalized to the specific needs of each client.



Assess the extent of the damage, review all aspects of the project and identify the root causes.



Present recommendations on what is required for the project rescue – advising if minor corrective actions will work or if a major intervention is needed – to the project.



Bring in our strong qualified project team to implement the changes needed, the action plan and then bring the project to completion using our tight control and monitoring techniques.

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