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Project analysis

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Our project analysis and management services can be provided at any stage of the project development and cover the needs for the right and effective implementation of the project up to completion and its delivery.

However, our deep experience in running projects shows that decisions taken in the early stages of a project exert a significant influence over a project’s outcome. In the initial phase, before the project execution, we develop a thorough understanding of the project, outline a strategy, and assemble a strong team to ensure that every aspect of your project is planned out.

Your project will meet all your objectives with regards to scope, quality, performance and safety, while adhering to your time and budget requirements.


Unique insights

Through our development background, LNA possess unique insights into the industry and local markets in order to act as a trusted advisor during the prefeasibility and feasibility studies

Preliminary budget

A preliminary budget and conceptual estimating complemented with a risk-management plan anticipating market changes will provide more accurate estimation of costs to aid in sound business decisions.

Scheduling & logistics

Scheduling and logistics are both key components to any construction project. At this phase, construction activities and the duration of those activities are defined and outlined

Constructability review

LNA participates and provides input at the Constructability review to ensure the most efficient and economical way to build the project while applying our construction knowledge into the conceptual planning and design of a project.

Resource and skill allocation

LNA provides preliminary assessment of resources and technical services availability specific to the project